Innovative, Safe and Painless Medical Treatment for patients with ALS in less than an hour.

4000+ Patients Treated

With over 4000 patients cared for, we have achieved positive results treating a wide variety of illnesses.

No Known Side Effects

The treatment we provide for you undergoes extensive screening for infection-causing agents and impurities.

No Age Requirements

Our testing process ensures that we provide the safest and most effective treatment for patients of any age.

Accepting Patients Worldwide

Our patients are referred to us from all over the world and we are proud to have treated thousands of patients worldwide.


Our mission is to reduce the pain and suffering from many of mankind’s most devastating diseases and conditions
by delivering the future promise of therapy today. Founded in 1995, we have already delivered the promise of safe
and painless treatment to over four thousand patients, both children and adults from all over the world.

Our clinics are specifically designed to ensure a comfortable environment for patients and their families.
Strategically located near a major hospital and manned with a full staff of doctors, nurses and ancillary staff,
we strive to offer our patient the most safe and cutting edge treatment available.

ALS Cure - New Breakthrough TreatmentALS Cure - New Breakthrough TreatmentALS Cure - New Breakthrough Treatment

Patient Testimonials : Results may vary.

  • List of my inprovements: Better speech, Movement of tongue, More control of my legs, hands and neck, Eating, Drinking, Less Saliva, Less drooling, Not biting my tongue when sneeze, Ease of taking pills, Less cramps...

    *ALS Patient: Giorgio *Results May Vary
  • After the treatment, she started feeling better overall and the progression of her symptoms slowed down. For a few years following the treatment, she was still able to do most things on her own. She was able to dress herself, brush her teeth and take a shower. She was still walking with assistance and had fairly good use of her upper body...

    *ALS Patient: Anait *Results May Vary
  • About an hour after her treatment she looked as if the treatments were mending her black eyes. Her eyes appeared to be getting white skin where the black and blue had been the predominant color. Since returning home she has seen her primary care physician and he is so amazed at the fact that her symptoms have plateaued. Her spark is back and she does not look as drawn in the face...

    *ALS Patient: KA *Results May Vary
  • during physical therapy, I was able to feel my left leg more as well as able to put more weight. Also able to feel my toes on left leg. My gait has improved also feel my spinal cord becoming stronger. The twitching to entire body is minimal today, gait continues to improve, legs slowly becoming stronger. no setbacks noted. I continue taking daily supplements and physical therapy with oxygen...

    *ALS Patient: MS *Results May Vary

Our Treatment

The breakthrough treatment travels throughout the body to detect damages and attempts to restore them. The treatment operates at a higher level of function, boosting the body’s own repair mechanisms to aid in the healing process. Safety is our highest priority. We ensure that we use only the healthiest, safest and most effective treatment possible.

ALS - Breakthrough Treatment

Unlike other types of treatment, there is no danger of the body’s rejection due to the fact that our treatment is “immune privileged”. This means that you have given the treatment to any patient without matching and without rejection. This unique quality also eliminates the need for immunosuppressive drugs, which can leave a patient exposed to serious infections.


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